Revolutionizing Healthcare Automation with IA

Four Points Health pioneers cutting-edge Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions. We help you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to shape a new era in healthcare efficiency and effectiveness. Our innovative approach enhances patient outcomes, making us the trusted partner for providers nationwide.

Driving Impactful Solutions For Healthcare Organizations

Our experienced leadership team brings over 130 years of combined expertise to deliver proven IA solutions. With a track record of success in over 60 deployments, we're committed to helping our clients achieve revenue and productivity goals.


ROI Value Delivered

420K Hours

Improved Productivity


Reduction in Nursing Administrative Time


Care Management Capacity Increase


Increased Client Revenue

Clients Served Through The Experience Of Our Leadership Team

Automation for Medical Services

Pioneering Intelligent Automation In Healthcare

We enhance your patient experience, outcomes, and clinician well-being through major AI, ML and automation technologies, all while optimizing cost efficiency and healthcare revenue cycle management.

Intelligent Automation: A Revolution In Healthcare

Experience the revolution of healthcare with Four Points Health. Our IA combines AI's cognitive capabilities with ML's data processing power, streamlining administrative processes and advancing clinical decision-making for optimized patient care.

  • Improves your operational efficiency
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Enhances both patient and provider experiences
  • Helps your staff achieve more

Harness The Power Of IA With Four Points Health

Harness the power of IA, AI, and ML to unlock new possibilities in healthcare delivery. At Four Points Health, we're dedicated to driving transformative change, making the Quadruple Aim achievable for organizations nationwide.

Mid West Healthcare System

They have been our partner for automation for the past 2 years and helped us build and execute a 12-month roadmap which delivered $45 Million in cost savings and revenue increases each year.

East Coast University Healthcare System

They not only developed on "on-demand" clinical data extraction solution, but then built automated connections directly to clinicians and patients driving significant increases in positive outcomes as well as reducing our costs by more than $20 Million annually.

Northern Blue Cross Blue Shield

We immediately Reduced Nurse Daily Administrative Time by 31% and Increased Patient Care Plan Capacity by 48%.

Empowering Healthcare Providers Through Innovation

Discover Who We Are

Dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations, we deliver cutting-edge intelligent automation services that optimize enterprise workflows. Our commitment bridges the gap between technology and healthcare, driving positive change to your outcomes and revenue cycle processes.

Delivering The Quadruple Aim

Our IA solutions are designed to achieve the Quadruple Aim: improving patient satisfaction, enhancing patient outcomes, reducing costs, and supporting healthcare providers. Experience significant results across various healthcare areas with Four Points Health's advanced automation solutions.

By automating real-time external and internal data ingestion into predictive analytic models, and the reactive/proactive process automation of the resulting required actions, Four Points Health delivers significant results in the following examples:

Areas We Optimize

Patient/Member Experience
  • Improves your operational efficiency
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Enhances both patient and provider experiences
  • Helps your staff achieve more
Positive Outcomes
  • Reduced Time To Treatment
  • Patient Risk Monitoring
  • Gaps In Care
  • Continuum of Care
Provider Well-Being
  • Healthcare Provider Churn
  • Credentialling & Enrollment
  • Patient Workflows
  • Administrative & Claims Management
Reduced Costs
  • Claim Denials & Write-Offs
  • OR Scheduling
  • Reimbursement Reductions
  • Revenue Optimization

Embrace The Power Of IA For Better Healthcare. Partner With The Industry Leader Today.