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Avixena enhances the clinician’s ability, to quickly and accurately, determine the next best course of action for patient care, as well as coordinate with and share detailed patient condition details with fellow care team members. As a mobile application with real-time EHR integration, Avixena’s platform helps reduce time to treatment, improve patient outcomes and dramatically reduces clinician administrative tasks.

Bloom Value

Enabling healthcare providers to leverage its data to create targeted value and address financial and operational challenges. Solutions combine a provider’s internal data sources with external data sources and apply AI, automation, and process transformation capabilities to create value.


Celonis enables customers to optimize their business processes. Powered by its leading process mining technology, Celonis provides a unique set of capabilities for business executives and users to continuously find improvement opportunities within and across processes and execute targeted actions, to rapidly enhance process performance. This optimization yields immediate monetary impact and radically improves the customer experience.


As the leading Automation Management Platform—C TWO protects and maximizes Intelligent Automation investments by enhancing resilience, flexibility, and scalability. The level of command and control of your automations, together with the freedom to use a myriad of IA technology on a consumption basis with no extended commitment, or upfront costs, mitigates risk and enables a seamless end-to-end experience - so you can drive more value.

Founda Health

Founda Health provides a global digital infrastructure for medical data exchange. It leverages cutting-edge fintech technology to seamlessly connect digital healthcare applications to existing IT systems, overcoming challenges posed by multiple data standards and formats. It's state-of-the-art API gateway transforms the way digital health solutions and healthcare provider systems interact. By empowering this collaboration, Founda improves care coordination and patient outcomes.


Life365 Health makes it easy to get your RPM program started and get results quickly. With the growing demand for your team and new reimbursement opportunities, it’s essential to bring Remote Patient Monitoring into your practice. Life365 Health’s RPM solutions will enable you to see more patients and generate revenue between real-time visits.

Innobot Health

Innobot Health offers intelligent automation solutions that empower healthcare providers to drive agility with a digital workforce. Innobot Health's bots are trained to recognize predicted patterns and steps based on your data. This allows the bots to complete tasks with greater speed and accuracy, reducing the potential for errors and minimizing manual intervention.


BotDev with years of proven experience offers a wide range of RPA consulting services and expertise, empowering the best automation teams, fulfilling individual roles or with a full team complement with cross-functional capabilities - solving the talent shortage, that is affordable, fast, and efficient, in your time zone.

Aspire Health Innovations

Aspire Health is a healthcare consultancy that leverages decades of experience transforming ideas into innovative strategies that empower growth in regional and global markets. We have an ecosystem of clients which can be leveraged by hospitals, payers, providers and partners to pursue qualified technology solutions.

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