Empowering Automation in Healthcare Organizations

Why Choose Us at Four Points Health?

Our passion is to make healthcare easier. We are a proven industry leader in transforming healthcare workflows with Intelligent Automation (IA), unleashing measurable ROIs for the Quadruple Aim objectives.

With our over 160 years of healthcare experience and more than 60 deployments, we have delivered significant returns to customers. With Four Points Health you can expect new ideas and innovative solutions. We can take a practical and holistic approach to addressing customer challenges and issues, complimented, and supported by our intelligent automation solutions, services, and technology partners. 


Our Approach

Our approach is straightforward yet effective. We consistently execute with efficiency, leveraging proven methods to ensure successful outcomes for transformation and intelligent automation programs.

By harnessing advanced AI/ML-driven automation capabilities, we accelerate solutions and minimize risks, regardless of where your healthcare enterprise stands on its transformation journey.

We Stand by improving:

  • Patient experience, patient satisfaction and patient care delivery
  • Healthcare providers and healthcare organizations' workflows
  • Health outcomes for patients
  • Healthcare industry cost savings & increased revenue
  • Healthcare professional retention and time with patients

What We Do

We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to your healthcare system needs.Our intelligent automation solutions empower each segment of functional areas such as Care Continuum and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). From strategic healthcare automation advisory services of machine learning to deployment to sustainment, our IA catalog supports scalable intelligent automation solutions across the healthcare enterprise.

This means significant benefits in:

  • Supply chain management
  • Patient data and medical records
  • Handling higher patient volume
  • Reducing medical errors
  • Administrative processes
  • Artificial intelligence reducing repetitive tasks

Embrace The Power Of IA For Better Healthcare. Partner With The Industry Leader Today.